Q-Grip Decking Strips

Product Description

Slip resistant strips (or deck inserts) can be retro fitted into the grooves of certain Q-Deck boards, or grooves made in your existing decking. Q-Grip strips are made from high quality certified softwood and are very versatile. They fit our Canterbury and York profile deckboards and will also fit other branded deck boards provided the grooves accomodate for them. Please measure your decking grooves before purchasing and attempting to fit Q-Grip strips. Q-Grip allows the builder to strategically incorporate slip resistance within a deck scheme with great ease. Suitable adhesive to fit the strip are Sikaflex EBT by Sika Adhesives or TheWorks by Geocel. Additionally, strips are preservative pre-treated with Tanalith.

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Product Details
  • 5 x 8 x 1195mm finished size after machining
  • High quality deck inserts
  • Can be retro-fitted into Q-Deck Canterbury & York deckboards
  • Q-Grip strips are durable & easy to apply
  • Excellent slip resistance

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