Product Description

Q-Grip Slip Resistant Canterbury Style Decking with Gripdeck Technology is made from high quality certified softwood. Its finished size after machining is 27 x 144mm. It has been tested to BS7976 parts 1 & 2 and provide a ‘low potential for slip’ under classifications set out by the UK Slip Resistant Group. It is preservative pre-treated with Tanalith. Q-Grip Canterbury deckboards have factory applied slip resistant material bonded into two of it’s grooves. We also offer a retro fit Q-Grip strip that can be fitted to both our standard Q-Deck Canterbury and Q-Deck York style deck boards.

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Product Details
  • 32 x 150mm Nom Size
  • 27 x 144mm Finished Size after machining prior to treatment
  • Tanalith Treated UC3U
  • 15 Year Warranty

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