Multi-Purpose Screening UC3U

Product Description

Multi-purpose screening is a versatile garden product that can be used as conventional trellising, screening or panelling, (i.e. for privacy, shade, or to fill voids under decks) or as a balustrade infill. It comes as long length laths that can be cut to the desired length. Fit to Q-Deck 90 x 90mm multi purpose posts for a stunning looking deck balustrade. The closer adjacent laths are fitted to one another the greater the degree of privacy. It is machined from slow grown and carefully selected Scandinavian softwood and comes with a 15 year product treatment warranty.

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Product Details

Nominal size (mm) – 32 x 75
Finished size (mm) – 27 x 69 after machining/prior to treatment
Cover Variable


  • Check with your local retailer for length availability
  • Preservative treated to UC3U.
  • 15 year treatment warranty.

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